Did you know that Cochise Health and Racquet Club offers the only indoor racquetball courts in the Sierra Vista, AZ area? We have a variety of different courts where you can practice on your own or play with friends. Put your hand-eye coordination to the test while engaging in this fun indoor court sport.

Call Cochise Health and Racquet Club at 520-458-7075 today for more information about rules and reservations for racquetball courts in Sierra Vista, AZ.

3 things to know about racquetball

If you've ever wondered what it's like to play racquetball, visit Cochise Health and Racquet Club to learn how. You might enjoy racquetball because:


It's a court sport that's offered year-round in our facility.


It's great for hand-eye coordination.


It's easy to play for all ages and fitness levels.

Learn more about the perks of playing a court sport n Sierra Vista, AZ by calling Cochise Health and Racquet Club today.