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CRC and Partner Programs

Healthway’s Silver Sneaker™ Fitness Progam is designed primarily for seniors who are medicare eligible and have a supplemental health plan that qualifies.  Some State of Arizona retirees may be eligible prior to turning 65.

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You may qualify for a supplemental, reimbursable or completely paid membership depending on your health insurance.  CRC partners with Healthways and American Specialty Health (ASH) to provide various partner programs.  To verify eligibility, check with your Health Insurance Carrier.

Healtway’s PRIME™ is geared for eligible 18 – 64 years olds.

ASH’s Silver&Fit™ Fitness Program is partnered with a number of insurance companies and available to seniors 65 years and over with qualifying plans

ASH’s Active& Fit™ Program is available to 18 – 64 year olds with qualifying plans.

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