Different Types of Memberships

The Club offers a wide variety of memberships to fit your personal or corporate needs. Special discounts are available for seniors, families, active-duty military, law enforcement professionals and numerous local businesses. Memberships are available for less than $30 per month.

Membership Options

-Premier: full access to all activities
-Fitness: full access excluding courts

Special Memberships

  • Under 21: Primary members between 14 and 21 years of age are eligible.
  • Active Duty Military: Special monthly rates with your active duty ID card
  • Law Enforcement: Law enforcement officers/agents (or spouses) with county, state or federal agencies qualify. Agencies include but are not limited to CCSO, DPS, HCPD, FBI, DHS, USBP, DEA and DOC.
  • City of Sierra Vista Employees: Eligibility requires the City of Sierra Vista employee, spouse or dependents to be on the City's health insurance plan. Employees must be full-time.
  • Corporate: CRC offers many corporate memberships to businesses in the community. Check with one of our membership specialists to see if your company has a corporate plan with CRC.

Pre-paid Discount

Pre-paid annual dues for new members waives enrollment. Current members pre-paying annual dues will receive a percentage off the dues.

Temporary Rates

CRC offers weekly, 30-day, 60-day and 90-day temporary plans. Day passes are also available. Children 7-13 receive a special Junior guest rate. Packages purchased in advance for 15 visits are usable for up to one year from the purchase date.

Inactivation policy

Selected memberships allow members to inactivate the membership for a minimum period of 30 days with no maximum time limit or limit to number of inactivations requested.

Money-back guarantee

Eligibility for CRC's 30-day money back guarantee requires a regular membership. Member must meet the following qualifications: First time member to CRC, at least 21 years of age, current Arizona driver's license with local address, and meet with a CRC certified personal trainer for a complimentary equipment orientation.