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You're bound to find a class that fits exactly what you're looking for and kick you into shape! Click here to view our class schedule.

All types of classes all day long!

Looking for a new way to meet people and get in shape at the same time? Come check out some of the classes we offer. Classes are offered every day of the week except Sunday, and begin at 5:30 a.m. (Saturdays excluded).


All of our teachers and trainers are certified.

- Steppin’ Out:   Cardio Step Aerobics, Toning, Abs, Legs, Arms

- Firm Results:  Strength training, toning & shaping using Pilates, moving yoga and dance stretches

- Energizing Stretch:   for relaxing with constant movement and balance

- Kick Off Your Week:  A full hour of Super Step Aerobics

- Step Into Fitness:   Fun Cardio Step Aerobics; Abdominal work

- Fitness Mix:   Beginning to intermediate Step, with weight training and resistance moves incorporated into the workout

- Pilates:  Stretching, toning, shaping and working your “core”, using Pilates, moving yoga and dance


- Tai Chi:  Yang style tai chi is a Mind/Body Martial Art helping balance and overall fitness and health

- Jammin’ To A Funky Beat:   Move, Move, Move…to dance steps, cardio kickboxing, martial arts moves, body kicks, hopping and jabbing.  Floor aerobics consists of aerobic routines on the floor! Only equipment needed is supportive shoes and comfy clothes.

- Step/Basic Training:   Multi-Level Step and Floor Aerobics; Toning, Strengthening, Flexibility, and Plyometrics Moves

- Steppin’ to the Beat:  Combination of Step, Body Toning and Strengthening

- Tone-Up:   Strength Training - FitBalls, Weights, Body Bars

- ZUMBA!:   Latin Dance based Aerobics Workout – Lots of fun!!

- ZUMBA! Toning/ZUMBA! Abs: 30 minutes of ZUMBA toning followed by 30 minutes of ZUMBA Abs

- ZUMBA! Glutes and Core: ZUMBA with specific targeting of your glutes and core

- TURBOKick: A fun hour of kicking, punching, and dancing

- Basic Yoga:  A challenging, yet informative class emphasizing the fundamentals of Yoga

- Fabulously Fit:   High intensity, low impact training.  Fun fitness that increases your cardiovascular and muscular endurance power. Strengthening work with hand held weights and resistance tubing with handles is alternated with low-impact aerobic choreography.

- SilverSneakers® Classic:  Fun exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living.

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